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Learn about the Angel Falls

Honelia was born and raised in Venezuela, a land known for its beautiful natural resources and home to the tallest water fall in the world; the Angel Falls, traditionally named by the Pemones (native tribe that resides close to this majestic natural creation) Kerepakupai Meru meaning "waterfall of the deepest place" is located at the Auyan-tepui mountain in the Canaima National Park, the waterfall is one of the World's Heritage site according to UNESCO. The height figure is 3,212 ft and it consists mostly on the pain plunge, however it also includes 1,300 ft of slopes cascade and rapids. Honelia's deep love for this natural resource and her heritage is the reason behind our name.


Honelia started showing dogs when fate brought her over to a small town in Venezuela seeking to adopt a standard Poodle for a friend, this search brought her to a woman named Rosalinda Cornet, she was a show dog handler and had a couple of Poodles that she inherited after a dear friend of hers passed away, she wasn't going to let the dogs go to just any household, however, when she met Honelia she knew she would care for the dogs the way her late friend Jose would have wanted. Honelia kept her word and took care of them until their last days.


This was the start of her journey and passion for showing poodles, she dedicated tirelessly to learning the craft of grooming and caring for her poodles, she courageously showed up at the ring, time after time, until she championed her first poodle, Constanza. Fast forward to today, she has championed her Poodles countless times and proudly continues to refine her craft.

Jim Hinman, is the founder of former Magnolia American Staffordshire. For most of his life he has been breeding,owning & showing his own dogs. Over 42 years he either owned or bred about 64 champions, some of those have been rank AKC Champions. 

For the last 11 years him and Honelia have developed a partnership of loving and showing these fine animals, but most of all they are their companion dogs.

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